Sense SuperApp
Sense SuperApp

New sense of mobile banking


Project objective

Alfa-Bank Ukraine decided to combine several applications in one digital bank, where clients can manage their money and mobile account, and pay taxes. The developers created Sense SuperApp and filled the financial application with new functions and fresh technical solutions.

Simple and intuitive menu

  • All functionality in five buttons! Through the menu, customers can add services, contact support, change the look of their profile, and read news in the “Sense Now” media.
  • The financial heart of Sense is a desktop that supports the drag-and-drop function. Users can pay for anything in one motion by combining the account icon and the desired operation.

Total personalisation

  • Each user chooses for themselves what Sense will be. Users can customize payment templates, icon colors, theme, desktop background, and even sounds.
  • The digital bank also speaks three languages ​​and has three different styles: business, discreet, and friendly.

Developing a super application needs super effective communication. We cooperated with the teams of the bank and services, which we integrated into Sense: “Diya” and “Kyivstar”. The experience of effective interaction and agile development helped us quickly find right solutions to non-standard problems.

Natalia (release manager)

Integration with a mobile account

  • This is a unique experience for Ukraine: Alpha-Bank and the mobile operator “Kyivstar” have combined access to accounts to serve clients through a common entry point.
  • For the user who has registered in the application with their Kyivstar number, the icon of the mobile account appears on their desktop. They can conveniently replenish their balance without a commission, track their history of money spending, and learn the details of their tariff plan directly in Sense.

Freedom of choice for new clients

  • There are two ways to become a customer without going to the bank:
  • – Video chat – if you need the help of a bank agent to fill out the form and select a product.
  • – With “Dija” – Sense is integrated with the unified portal of the State Services of Ukraine. It is possible to quickly draw up the cards simply by transferring digital copies of documents from the “Dija” application

We have managed to combine many functions and performance. Changing the theme, style of communication, and localization in the application takes place instantly. This is one of the principles of the new digital ecosystem, where customer convenience comes first.

Anastasia (Lead iOS developer)

Personal and business accounts on one screen

  • A new experience for business clients. The icon of business accounts, as well as personal accounts, is on the user’s desktop. All that remains is to create a payment template and pay taxes without third-party applications.

For this method of registration, it was important to ensure digital security: avoid identity substitution and spoofing attacks. A biometric platform helps identify people in real time. The client looks into the camera, the system identifies their face, and the Liveness algorithms test whether the real person in the video.

Artem (Software engeneer)

Boundless possibilities

  • What else can Sense do?
  • – It allows users to customize their reward categories in Cash'U CLUB. It is up to them what cashback categories they choose and how they use their cashback money
  • – It opens access to“Airport services” when the client makes enough purchases on their Visa or MasterCard
  • – It helps to establish travel insurance and inform the company about the insured event.
With Sense, Alpha-Bank Ukraine has entered a new stage of digital transformation, and clients have received a completely new user experience. In 26 days, the first 100,000 customers appeared in the new digital bank. After another three months, that number rose to 500,000.

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